What Others Say About Working with Lenora


“After taking Lenora’s online workshop, ‘Break Free From Money Beliefs That Bind You’ I had a remarkable drop in the intensity of anxiety and minor panic about finances that I was waking up with every morning. It’s barely noticeable and if there, just lasts for a short time. I feel more vibrant and energetic.”

Jana Stanfield

Recording Artist

“After a couple coaching sessions with Lenora, it’s been so much easier to not get angry with my husband–our communication made a huge turn-around. It’s a miracle. He’s saying he’s sorry now as he never admitted that he was wrong, ever! We now can take a breath, and forego huge arguments. I’m able to re-commit to our marriage. Not that I expected him to change as I was transforming my perspective, but he has. We both are there for each other now. Thank you, Lenora!”

Lisa J.

“During my first session with Lenora, I realized I actually could change something about my life, and the door opened. I am now happier and excited about life. In Lenora’s class, I learned her simple but profound method to keep the door to change open wide. Now whenever I feel stuck, I know it’s time to work with the Option Method.”

Karen Harris

Wife, Mother, Data Manager

“A friend referred me to Lenora and the Option Method at a time when I was considering making some major changes in my life. After 20 years in a financially secure but uninspired career, I wanted to pursue some long-held dreams. Freeing myself to do this by stepping out of decades-old patterns and beliefs turned out to be a challenging undertaking. Working with Lenora proved to be one of the keys to making the transition. Her gentle yet penetrating questions helped me to gain insight and perspective on the roadblocks I had created for myself.  The process helped to open doors of self-trust and confidence in my ability to recreate my life in a pattern that was of my own choosing rather than one which I felt others expected of me. The work wasn’t always easy but it was ultimately very rewarding. And now, two years down the road, the blessings that continue to flow into my life are a constant amazement.  I am grateful to Lenora and the Option Method. And I mean it!”

Bruce Nichols

Business man, Peace Pilgrim volunteer

“Attending your Option Method Workshop for college students this summer has really reframed the way I talk to my friends, my family, and myself. My friendships have strengthened and I’m trying to really let my friends know all sides of me, especially the side that isn’t completely together. Sometimes I even hear your voice in my head asking me, ‘What might you be concerned would happen if…?’ You are truly an amazing woman, a beacon of inspiration to everyone who is blessed to know you.”


University student

“I will always be grateful to Lenora for bringing Option into my life. My husband and I both took her course and it increased our intimacy exponentially.”

Elizabeth Goldfinger

“As a result of Option sessions I did with Lenora, I became clearer about my desires and developed the confidence to pursue and succeed at the work I’d always wanted to do. As a result, I’m happier and more fulfilled than ever.”


“In addition to coaching with Lenora, you will have some of the happiest days of your life if you go to Italy with Lenora! I wish I could go for the first time again….the beauty, friendship, food and fun are all off the charts.”

Cindy Buck


“Over the last 30 years, I have tried many self-development programs. Most of them have had some limited value. However, my work with Lenora and the Option Method had subtle but powerful ongoing transformative results. I am noticing concrete changes in my thinking and behavior. I changed how I’ve been running my business for the last 18 years and approach it with more confidence. I had a big awareness when I changed the belief that I wasn’t good enough to be successful in my business. I feel so much happier and comfortable with my business now. Events or comments that would have triggered anger or frustration are handled in a more conscious and productive way. Limiting beliefs that I have owned as truths for decades are starting to fade in their strength and hold on me. I feel more empowered and more peaceful in both my important relationships and life in general and the ongoing shifts are significant and profound. And all this in four sessions. What a gift! Thank you, Lenora, you’re a talented guide for those seeking release from the crippling effects of limiting beliefs.”


Marketing Director

“I am 76 years old and throughout my whole life, I felt the pressure of my mother constantly telling me to hurry, to be afraid of everybody, and that I did nothing right. The pressure and fear were always there. I carried it with me as a bad feeling like a big stone in my stomach. It was a feeling that was not attached to any particular event. In a dialogue session with Lenora, I finally stopped believing those untruths and I realized carrying this feeling had no use. What a relief!”


“Lenora Boyle has been particularly skilled at using the Option Method to help me reveal deeply hidden beliefs within me that have motivated feelings, thinking, and behavior I no longer want to have. I have found this technique non-invasive and gentle and at the same time, very effective. The “aha” of self-discovery is much more powerful than someone telling me what is not working or trying to precipitate change from outside me. Apparently many mental and behavioral patterns can originate from a single well-entrenched belief lurking below the conscious daily experience. I have found that many of the undesirable patterns I have come from the belief that I am not worthy. This creates concurrent anxiety that never seemed to go away.  After doing sessions, I have been able to allow myself to look at this anxiety when it comes up and realize it no longer serves my stated purpose of living freely without fear. It has been a great relief to find myself without this cloud of anxiety during my daily activity. I feel that Lenora’s level of compassion and acceptance, no matter what I was working on, was a great benefit for me to move forward in my life with courage and contentment.”


Teacher & Mother

“Working with Lenora is incredible. There are too many things to say, to be honest. When I was raped it was an unbelievably horrific experience that unfortunately had affected every part of my life.  I went from being a very happy, confident person with a lot of dreams and a good career to someone scared of everything and extremely isolated, with feelings of constant pain I was experiencing nightmares and flashbacks frequently and ‘had’ what psychologists would call post-traumatic stress. I couldn’t understand what had happened to me and I couldn’t talk about it to anyone. After working with Leonora, it was easy to talk about because there isn’t a hint of judgment from her which is what I found to be one of the first and most striking aspects as I had become used to people not wanting to talk about what had happened to me. Just initially having room to breathe and someone to listen was wonderful. After working with her and doing the dialogues, the post-traumatic symptoms and the pain just went away. It was astounding. It was hard work at times but Lenora made it seem simple as she is so accepting and open.”


“Taking an Option Workshop and working with the Option Method with Lenora has been tremendously helpful in dissolving old beliefs and living with more joy and freedom in my life.”

Marci Shimoff

Author #1 New York Times Best Seller, Happy For No Reason, & Teacher from The Secret movie

“I am very inspired to do more work with the Option Method. The session I had with Lenora around my fear of dying was so powerful. Lenora listened carefully to everything I said and asked me the right question at the right time. It was like diving deep into my feelings and coming out the other side. The searching I did really shook up some key assumptions. I had been carrying a big load of sadness about my husband. What if cancer recurred and I died and left him alone? Could he stand the aloneness? But when I really explored it, I knew that after some time of grieving, he would be all right. I felt so much less burdened with sadness — sadness about something that has not even happened! I was amazed at the shift that happened in that one session.”

Ruthie Hutchings

“Exploring in an Option Dialogue is the simplest way I know of to stay happy, keep my energy up, and my mind clear.  Lenora is a master at Option. I can count on her to be there for me, see me through. I consider it an honor to work with her. I always come away satisfied with the work I’ve done. I’m always impressed by her mastery; that skill of asking the right thing at just the right time. I never feel shy to say what I need to say. She provides a continually safe comfortable place for me to work. This is one thing that makes a huge difference in the quality of my life. I go into a session with some seemingly unsolvable problem or emotional discomfort and never cease to come out with a real shift in energy and clarity. It’s the simplest way I know to feel better now! Option is a profound process that allows me to go inside myself and feel where the undesirable patterns lie. Then with simple intention and exploration through the Option Dialogue, beliefs crumble and leave space for more ideal functioning to develop. The resulting experience of lightness and clarity has convinced me of the effectiveness of this method. Lenora has a natural skill for teaching and guiding clients to a valuable inner experience of self-evaluation.”

Nancy Bellmer

Homemaker, Meditation Teacher

“I have known Lenora Jo Boyle for almost 20 years. I saw in her back then, what she has and continues to personify today. As a person, she is very easy to approach and talk to. Her natural magnetism makes you feel comfortable and willing to open. She exudes compassion and has a sincere willingness to help others and relieve their suffering whether it be mental, emotional, or physical. In a crisis or emergency, Lenora would be the first person I would call. She has the unique ability of being able to handle many things at once. Never discounting anything that is important to herself, her family, her friends, and clients. As a friend, Lenora is like a sister to me. Even though we don’t live close to each other, I feel our hearts are deeply connected. I have never known a more loyal and trustworthy person. She has “been there” for me when I have needed her the most. Adding the Option Method to her already uncanny ability to listen, has made her a successful professional as well. Lenora’s life goals are much like many of us….to love and care for her family and herself. But as a professional, she is able to touch other lives in a very profound way. Her skills help to teach others to discover who they truly are, to nurture themselves, to live their dreams, and to make the world a better place. She teaches you how to know yourself more clearly and become a better human being. I am blessed by having Lenora in my life, and I know you will be too.”

Bonnie Titus

Business owner