Lenora Boyle is a Happiness and Transformational Mindset Coach, a certified Happy For No Reason Trainer,   and Miracles Coach.  I am passionately devoted to empowering women to break free from their limiting beliefs and manifest their dreams into miraculous realities.

I am all about the sweet life – la dolce vita! I live it myself and I bring adventurous, open-hearted women like you into living their sweet lives, too.

You could say I’m your sweet life doula. Just as a childbirth doula prepares the mother for giving birth, and stays with her through it, I help mid-life women around the world birth their sweet life. They become fun and free again at a time of life many women lay their desire for adventure to rest.

Like a doula, I am part teacher and part coach. Add to that, passionate host of annual Italy Retreats for Women, where we let la dolce vita pour over us in Tuscany and the Italian Riviera.

My work with women is simple and exciting. First, we focus on manifesting our desires, then dissolving limiting beliefs using my 30+ years as a Coach and Option Method facilitator. Most of us have limiting beliefs and they keep us from the sweet life, or even believing IT is possible. It is your birthright to be happy beyond belief – beyond your limiting beliefs.

Next, we discover what makes you happy and we go after it. The crazy idea that you can do what makes you happy, that you can do life well on your terms, and carry out dreams that occur to you is not crazy at all. I’m doing it and so are the amazing women who also live la dolce vita.

Up to ten women a year join me in Italy for a retreat where we not only soak up the Tuscan sun and eat up la dolce vita, we also pause in beautiful places to reflect and learn through my Sweet Life Workshop.

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What is the Sweet Life, la dolce vita?

My own sweet life is about sharing food, wine, laughter, purpose, and fun with family and friends. My grandfathers, (nonni) my dad, and I are avid gardeners so fresh, organic food is a necessary part of my life. I fill my days with my coaching practice, writing, yoga, walking (especially with my walking group of ten years), strength training, reading great books, studying the Italian language, traveling, living with a curious and open mind, listening, and staying close to my hubby and two grown children.

Blogging has been part of my life for eight years, so much so that I created two of them! Be Happy Blog and Italy Travel Blog are both right here on this site.

What will your sweet life hold?!


I am an American who spent five years becoming an Italian citizen. Why did I do that? My four grandparents emigrated from Italy in the early 1900s. They had to renounce their country in order to become US citizens. I feel a deep connection to Italy, and when the Italian government offered citizenship to those who qualified, I went for it. I am honored to be a citizen of two great countries. I was raised in the US surrounded by a large extended Italian family where crowded tables laden with an abundance of Italian food were commonplace.


We don’t just dream of the sweet life, we live it. The results are worth the effort. Here are some results I offer you:

  • A sweet life of fulfillment and joy
  • More honest and meaningful relationships with yourself and others
  • Release of old behavior patterns
  • More trust in your own intuition
  • Peace of mind and clarity
  • Increased leadership over your life and focus
  • Way more fun

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