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People want to work with me because they are seeking change! They want greater happiness; they want to discover their purpose; they want to dissolve limiting beliefs that prevent them from living an empowered life or cause worry and fear. I am all about living THE SWEET LIFE, la dolce vita, and that is defined by you.

How can you learn to live your sweet life? Join me as we adventure into the manifestation of your deepest dreams and desires.  Stop sabotaging your happiness. Break free from fear and shame.  Welcome back your joy for life, which will refresh your relationship with yourself and others.

Coaching To Live
The Sweet Life

Lenora Boyle

For over 30 years I have been watching my clients grow. When you live from a place of possibilities, you are more inclined to “go for it” — whatever your IT is. When you change your beliefs, you change your DNA, so it actually IS easier to “Live your sweet life!”

Italy Retreat
For Women

I have always been interested in how we combine our “wantings” with creating a life we love. How do YOU live YOUR passions? How can you create la dolce vita, the sweet life? To find out what my Italy Retreat For Women can do for you click the button below.


Join me in my virtual piazza. Bring your cappuccino and set your sweet life in motion. I will give you the lessons, tools, and methods to transform your limiting beliefs into empowering experiences that illuminate your choices, helping you to manifest your desires.

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