Workshops: Learn to live La Dolce Vita

Join Lenora’s ‘Manifest Your Desires and Happiness and Break Free from Limiting Beliefs’
Online Piazza Workshop
Your 42-Day Sweet Life Challenge

Grab a cup of cappuccino and meet me in my virtual piazza, just like in Italy everyone gathers to talk about life. We will meet for a workshop to set YOUR Sweet Life in motion and manifest your desires. Your 42-Day Sweet Life Challenge is full of lessons, tools, and strategies that will transform your limiting beliefs into empowering experiences that illuminate luscious choices.

Upcoming Manifest Your Desires: Virtual Piazza Workshop

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For over 31 years, I have been all about the sweet life – la dolce vita! I live it myself and I bring adventurous, open-hearted women like you into living their sweet lives, too.  Evert September I lead my annual Italy Retreats for Women in Italy (not virtual), but right now you are invited to grab a cup of cappuccino, coffee or tea, and join me in my  interaactive ONLINE PIAZZA for a 42-Day Sweet Life Challenge that will absolutely change the way you experience your life!

In Italy, life in a piazza (the town square) is rich with activity, ranging from babies in carriages to children playing soccer, to the nonna eating gelato and chatting with neighbors. I want to bring that feeling to our online chats, but with the focus on manifesting YOUR SWEET LIFE, la dolce vita!

What stands between you and your sweet life?

  • Being so caught up in daily living and chores that you forget there is even the possibility of living any other kind of life, much less a sweet one.
  • Worrying so much about finances that you forget that life could actually be enjoyable.
  • Taking care of the needs of others so that you never think about your own, and often end up feeling resentful.
  • Fearing that you’ll disappoint others or stepping outside of the expectation box and following your
    own heart.
  • Ruminating about the unknown.

This course is all about manifesting and creating a sweet life, your hearts’ desires entirely on your terms, as you define it. Uncover what’s holding you back, create your sweet life and then – start living it creating more happiness! Beliefs must be in tune with desire, and when that is not present, you can feel depressed, in pain, sad, disillusioned, angry, frustrated, or stuck.

One tool we use is Self-inquiry and it has been used effectively for thousands of years, practiced by Socrates who effectively asked his students questions to uncover the truth. Our journey together is based on a method of self-inquiry that will positively change the way you perceive life. If you’d like to know more please read my coaching page.

Let’s take a look and see what’s standing in the way of you living life fully. We go on the journey together to create clarity, happiness, and empowerment designing your sweet life! We often look outside ourselves for answers, but you will find them inside once the old patterns and limiting beliefs are dissolved.

No matter how successful or happy you are, there is always something you can improve. Besides, when life throws us a curve ball, we want to be able to manage it from a peaceful happy place.

So pull up a chair in our online piazza, and let’s create your sweet life and start living it today with greater clarity, happiness and confidence!