Working with Lenora is incredible. There are too may things to say to be honest. When I was raped it was an unbelievably horrific experience that unfortunately had affected every part of by life.  I went from being a very happy, confident person with a lot of dreams and a good career to someone scared of everything and extremely isolated, with feelings of constant pain I was experiencing nightmares and flashbacks frequently and ‘had’ what psychologists would call post traumatic stress.. I couldn’t understand what had happened to me and I couldn’t talk about it to anyone. After working with Leonora, it was easy to talk about because there isn’t a hint of judgement from her which as what I found to be one of the first and most striking aspects as I had become used to people not wanting to talk about what had happened to me. Just initially having room to breathe and someone to listen was wonderful. After  working with her and doing the dialogues, the post traumatic symptoms and the pain just went away. It was astounding. It was hard work at times but Lenora made it seem simple as she is so accepting and open.