Over the last 30 years I have tried many self development programs. Most of them have had some limited value. However, my work with Lenora and the Option Method had subtle but powerful ongoing transformative results. I am noticing concrete changes in my thinking and behavior. I changed how I’ve been running my business for the last 18 years and approach it with more confidence. I had a big awareness when I changed the belief that I wasn’t good enough to be successful in my business. I feel so much happier and comfortable with my business now. Events or comments that would have triggered anger or frustration are handled in a more conscious and productive way. Limiting beliefs that I have owned as truths for decades are starting to fade in their strength and hold on me. I feel more empowered and more peaceful in both my important relationships and life in general and the ongoing shifts are significant and profound. And all this in four sessions. What a gift! Thank you Lenora, you’re a talented guide for those seeking release from the crippling effects of limiting beliefs.