Lenora Boyle has been particularly skilled at using the Option Method to help me reveal deeply hidden beliefs within myself that have motivated feelings, thinking and behavior I no longer want to have. I have found this technique non-invasive and gentle and  at the same time, very effective.

The “aha” of self discovery is much more powerful than someone telling me what is not working or trying to precipitate change from outside myself. Apparently many mental and behavioral patterns can originate from a single well entrenched belief lurking below the conscious daily experience.

I have found that many of the undesirable patterns I have, come from the belief that I am not worthy. This creates a concurrent anxiety that never seemed to go away.  After doing sessions, I have been able to allow myself to look at this anxiety when it comes up and realize it no longer serves my stated purpose of living freely without fear. It has been a great relief to find myself without this cloud of anxiety during my daily activity. I feel that Lenora’s level of compassion and acceptance, no matter what I was working on, was a great benefit for me to move forward in my life with courage and contentment.