A friend referred me to Lenora and the Option Method at a time when I was considering making some major changes in my life. After 20 years in a financially secure but uninspired career, I wanted to pursue some long held dreams. Freeing myself to do this by stepping out of decades-old patterns and beliefs turned out to be a challenging undertaking. Working with Lenora proved to be one of the keys to making the transition. Her gentle yet penetrating questions helped me to gain insight and perspective on the roadblocks I had created for myself.  The process helped to open doors of self-trust and confidence in my ability to recreate my life in a pattern that was of my own choosing rather than one which I felt others expected of me. The work wasn’t always easy but it was ultimately very rewarding. And now, two years down the road, the blessings that continue to flow into my life are a constant amazement.  I am grateful to Lenora and the Option Method. And I mean it!