I have known Lenora Jo Boyle for almost 20 years. I saw in her back then, what she has and continues to personify today. As a person, she is very easy to approach and talk to. Her natural magnetism makes you feel comfortable and willing to open. She exudes compassion and has a sincere willingness to help others and relieve their suffering whether it be mental, emotional or physical. In a crisis or emergency, Lenora would be the first person I would call. She has the unique ability of being able to handle many things at once. Never discounting anything that is important to herself, her family, her friends and clients.

As a friend, Lenora is like a sister to me. Even though we don’t live close to each other, I feel our hearts are deeply connected. I have never known a more loyal and trustworthy person. She has “been there” for me when I have needed her the most. Adding the Option Method to her already uncanny ability to listen, has made her a successful professional as well.

Lenora’s life goals are much like many of us….to love and care for her family and herself. But as a professional she is able to touch other lives in a very profound way. Her skills help to teach others to discover who they truly are, to nurture themselves, to live their dreams and to make the world a better place. She teaches you how to know yourself more clearly and become a better human being. I am blessed by having Lenora in my life, and I know you will be too.