Do you know it’s possible to change your life one belief at a time? If you are seeking to change some area or aspect of your life, I offer you the chance to do just that by discovering that your beliefs are keeping you stuck. I use a system of self-inquiry questions called The Option Method.

Do you feel stuck or are you having trouble making effective changes? Are you aware of the beliefs you may have that might be limiting you from moving toward the changes you want or the things you desire? Most of the time, these self-defeating beliefs remain hidden from us because we do not take the time or have the opportunity to discover them.


Lenora Spatafore Boyle

The Sweet Life Coach

Leader of Italy Retreats for Women

Why work with me? I guarantee I can

help you, right now, to change your

perceptions of what’s possible, so

that you can create the prosperity

and love you truly desire.

I work as a mentor and coach with men and women in their professional and personal life through private sessions or group trainings. If you’re an individual looking to improve your personal life or if you are a professional looking to achieve a greater level of success at work or in your business, you’ve come to the right place. Some of the benefits I can help you achieve are:

Check Mark RedImprove Productivity in the Workplace

Check Mark RedLose Weight and Feel Better About Yourself

Check Mark RedImprove Your Overall Health

Check Mark RedGain Greater Clarity

Check Mark RedEnhance Self Esteem

Check Mark RedIncrease Passion and Love in Your Relationships

Check Mark RedEnhance Creativity

Check Mark RedFeel More Happiness Everyday of Your Life

Check Mark RedIncrease Customer Satisfaction and Effective Client Communication

Check Mark RedIncrease Sales

I only work with people who are commited to making real changes in their lives or work environment. The work depends on both the coach and the client. Read about How We Can Work Together.