Relationship Myth Assessment

Do you believe someone can determine what you deserve? _________________

Do you believe others deserve love, but you don’t? _____________________

What does worthiness really have to do with love? _________________

Once you take this Relationship Myth Assessment, you will uncover the relationship myth(s) that you live by, the next 3 steps are to question, clarify, and dissolve the myths that must change in order to transform the present and future. Change your beliefs to change your life!

View a list of limiting beliefs (myths) for women and men.

If any of these myths ring true for you, ask yourself:

  • Do I believe that?
  • Why do I believe that?
  • What seems true about that?
  • What might concern me if that belief were gone?

Your answers can reveal to you why you are holding onto the myth/belief. Or you may find you no longer believe the myth.

I have found that Option questions have a way of untangling the web we catch ourselves in. Once you find the old beliefs to be untruths, they dissolve and the feelings attached to them shift.

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