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and in Lucca, TUSCANY, ITALY for my

7th Annual Italy Retreat for Women To Live La Dolce Vita
part workshop, part travel adventure

10 Glorious Days in Italy! SEPTEMBER 7-17 2015

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As a dual citizen of Italy, I would be honored to be your travel guide and workshop leader for my 7th annual Italy Retreat for Women to live la dolce vita, the sweet life.

‘The Sweet Life’, la dolce vita, is all about enjoying an enriched life, changing limiting beliefs, and living a happier life. It is going on adventures, making life at home sweeter, having fun with friends, cooking together, walking together, learning together–all in the spirit of la dolce vita. The ultimate la dolce vita experience is to come to Italy with me!

I am excited to share my passion for Italy with you. Explore the Italian Riviera with me, reside in the lovely Cinque Terre town of Monterosso al Mare, live “the sweet life” while discovering and dissolving limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. This adventure blends the best of both worlds. Travel that combines two days of a self-discovery workshop experience with seven days of excursions to beautiful Italian towns in paradise on the Mediterranean and Northern Tuscany.


Join me for the 2015 Italy Retreat for Women




Why the Italian Riviera and Tuscany?

I have been teaching people to go for what they want for over two decades. I have a passion for helping others to be happier, and I have an even greater passion for all things Italian.

The Italian Riviera, in the the Ligurian region of Italy has immense diversity in color and fragrance. The mountains create dazzling juxtapositions with the sea, and a play of light that infuses love. This region is known for its wine and olive oil, basil pesto, divine bread called focaccia that you will never forget, fresh pasta, seafood and excellent food flavored with an abundance of local herbs. We’ll visit 7 different towns along the coast.

Tuscany is the heart of Italy, home of the Renaissance City, Florence and filled with beautiful towns from coast to coast, wine vineyards, thermal baths, rolling hillsides. Lucca is one of those special cities in Tuscany.

In Lucca, we will all stay in a beautiful bed and breakfast right in the city center inside the walls, so we are in the heart of this Tuscan town. We will tour Lucca with our own personal local guide who will share his love for and historical knowledge of Lucca–its medieval streets,towers and lovely boutiques. We’ll visit a palazzo, enchanting Romanesque churches and piazzas (town squares) that invite us to experience true Italian living. We’ll walk and bicycle on top of the 60 foot wide wall turned into tree-lined park around the city.

Very few cars are permitted in the historical center, which gives us the experience of ‘charming old Italy.’ Unlike many cities in Italy, the tourists do not overtake Lucca. She remains with her feet firmly planted in her own beautiful culture. The great composer, Puccini was born and lived in Lucca, so one evening we will attend a fabulous Puccini concert in one of the most beautiful churches in Lucca.

We’ll also make a short stop in Pisa so you can enjoy the leaning tower of Pisa, and the duomo (church) right next to it.

  • Enjoy walking on breathtaking trails high above the sea and sandy beaches along the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean
  • Savor delicious local Italian food and wine.
  • Experience the Italian Passion for Life, unlike any other
  • Connect with other women in a relaxed and beautiful environment


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**Prerequisite: If you’ve never worked with me before, you must do two coaching sessions with me before booking this adventure.

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September is a beautiful time of the year in Italy and the hotels are filling quickly. Although it may seem early to many of you, a commitment by May 1, 2015 is necessary in order to book airline reservations, hotel rooms and move forward. Space is limited so act quickly.

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What some of the course participants have to say:

” It was such a great time…very transforming and very much fun just to be with women, with no responsibilities. How often do we get that opportunity to just be ourselves? I have felt more self-reliant emotionally since the workshop, and more determined to accomplish the creative desires I have, more determination to be me, and not be thrown off balance.”


“…Within two days a group of women with vastly different backgrounds, who were not familiar with each other–were able to be vulnerable and work on personal issues–that is a testament to a facilitator who trusts in the environment and instructs from the heart–to foster a feeling of safety and trust. This could happen nowhere else but Italy and with no one else but Lenora.”


“How I miss Italy, the women’s group and the Cinque Terre, especially the sea and the light! It truly was a wonderful experience all round. I think you are amazing for organizing it all so well. It really was a unique experience to be with our group of women, who were all very special.”


“We traveled, by plane, boat, train, bus, and on foot, but it all happened without a hitch, divinely orchestrated and inspired by our dear leader Lenora. She meticulously researched every detail and guided us to one amazing experience after another.”


“We hiked to each Cinque Terre town, (not a requirement of every course participant) and met people from all over the world on the trails. Each village had a unique landscape of pastel buildings that are carved into the steep hillsides and appear to tumble to the coastline.”


“Lenora knows great restaurants in the area that had the best sunset and breathtaking view of the water. She knew the best places to swim, where to get the best local skin care products and gelato.”


“When we settled into the workshop part of the trip, we catapulted into a deeper, truer version of ourselves and learned steps to overcome limiting beliefs that have held us back from living a fuller life. And that’s the point…to live la dolce vita!! And we did, and still are.”



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1. Travel Insurance: You must have travel insurance for this trip. This is a wonderful site comparing all kinds of insurance. (Should be less than $80 per person) Visit:


2. Coaching Sessions: In order to see if this is the right fit for you, you will need to sign up for two coaching sessions with Lenora before making a deposit for the workshop. “To penetrate into Italy is like a most fascinating act of self-discovery–back, back down the old ways of time. Strange and wonderful chords awake in us, and vibrate again after many hundreds of years of complete forgetfulness.” –D.H. Lawrence


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