Italy Retreat 2012


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JOIN ME IN CINQUE TERRE and TUSCANY, ITALY for my Italy Retreat for Women

September 13-22, 2012

Living la dolce vita in Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy

I would be honored to be your travel guide and workshop leader for my 4th Annual Italy Retreat for Women to Live La Dolce Vita, the ‘sweet life’, Thursday September 13 through Saturday, September 22, 2012.  Explore the Italian Riviera, reside in the lovely Cinque Terre town of Monterosso al Mare and Lucca in Tuscany, while transforming your life: Enhance happiness, dissolve those limiting beliefs and live ‘the sweet life’ wherever you are. (Complete information form below).

‘The Sweet Life’, la dolce vita, is all about enjoying an enriched life, changing limiting beliefs, and living a happier life.  It is going on adventures, making life at home sweeter, having fun with friends, cooking together, walking together, learning together –all in the spirit of la dolce vita.  The ultimate la dolce vita experience is to come to Italy with me!
This adventure blends the best of both worlds. Your nine days in Italy includes two days of personal transformation workshop experience with seven days of excursions to beautiful Italian towns in paradise on the Mediterranean and Tuscany.

We will stay in a lovely hotel in Monterosso, the second most northern village, of the Cinque Terre, for six nights. While there, we’ll take short trips to Portovenere, Vernazza, Manarola, Riomaggiore, Chiavari, San Frutuosso, Camogli, and Portofino.

In Lucca, we will stay right in the city center within the walls, so we are in the heart of this Tuscan town. I have arranged for our own local professional tour guide to share his love for and historical knowledge of Lucca–it’s medieval streets,towers and lovely boutiques. We’ll visit a palazzo or two, enchanting Romanesque churches and piazzas (town squares) that invite us to experience true Italian living.

The historical center, allows very few cars in the area, which give us a hint of ‘charming old Italy.’ Unlike many cities in Italy, the tourists do not overtake Lucca. She remains with her feet firmly planted in her own beautiful culture.

We’ll also make a short stop in Pisa so you can enjoy the leaning tower of Pisa, and the duomo (church) right next to it.

Lucca and surrounding mountains

What This Italy Retreat For Women Can Do For You:

  • Enables you to break away from outdated beliefs about what’s possible in your life and relationships
  • Allows you to discover how to ‘create’ your life instead of being the victim of circumstances
  • Allows you to learn to ask the questions that create a powerful shift in your thinking and therefore, an opportunity to discover what you might choose to feel about every single thing in your life
  • Gives you an opportunity to learn the Option Method Dialogue that will help you communicate in a more profound way in all areas of your life
When we uncover limiting beliefs, we can dissolve them along with the pain connected to them. As a result, we will unleash boundless creativity, experience better health, more loving relationships, greater happiness, inner peace, financial freedom, and more…
JOIN ME! You’ll be so happy that you did!


Here is what a few Italy Retreat participants shared about their experiences:

*** “Within two days a group of women with vastly different backgrounds, who were not familiar with each other–were able to be vulnerable and work on personal issues–that is a testament to a facilitator who trusts in the environment and instructs from the heart–to foster a feeling of safety and trust. This could happen nowhere else but Italy and with no one else but Lenora.” –Cathi Collins


*** “I love having Lenora in my life because she reminds me to laugh, and learn, and live ‘the sweet life’, an enriched life.  She is like that fun, wise friend who keeps reminding me that I create my own happiness and she helps me know how—usually through experiences. I love Lenora’s approach to life. The Sweet Life, la dolce vita, doesn’t require financial wealth, just a rich spirit. It’s contagious, and when I start feeling like life is sour, I get a dose of Lenora and it’s sweet again.”   –Jan Black

***We traveled, by plane, boat, train, bus, and on foot, but it all happened without a hitch, divinely orchestrated and inspired by our dear leader Lenora. She meticulously researched every detail and guided us from one amazing experience after another.

We hiked to several Cinque Terre towns, (not a requirement of every course participant) and met people from all over the world on the trails. Each village had a unique landscape of pastel buildings that are carved into the steep hillsides and appear to tumble to the coastline. Lenora knows great restaurants in the area that had the best sunset and  breathtaking view of the water. She knew the best places to swim, where to get the best local skin care products, and gelato.

When we settled into the workshop, we catapulted into a deeper, truer version of ourselves and learned steps to overcome limiting beliefs that have held us back from living a fuller life. And that’s the point…to live dolce vita!! And we did, and still are. –Betty B.

*** “Now that I’m home, how I miss Italy, the women’s group and the CInque Terre, especially the sea and the light! It truly was a wonderful experience all round. Lenora, I think you are amazing for organizing it all so well. It really was a unique experience to be with our group of women, who were all very special. When you do another workshop, I will be there! … After being home, my attitude seems to have changed. I feel much more positive about life in general, and am enjoying the flow. The Option Method questions are immensely useful to ask myself when any self-defeating thoughts pop up.

And those little lemon painted dishes we bought in Monterosso are  so lovely, and I only wish I had bought more of them. Once you get these things away from the tourist shops they look so much better.”   -–Marie

“For almost thirty years I have had a dream to go to Italy. I found Lenora’s  trip to be a fulfillment of this desire. I am now inspired to study Italian. The food, the scenery, the culture was perfetto! I am so glad that this adventure was led by Lenora! Thanks for helping me to fulfill my dreams.  –Mary

Please Email me for more information about my 4th Annual Italy Retreat for Women to Live La Dolce Vita!

“To penetrate into Italy is like a most fascinating act of self-discovery–back, back down the old ways of time. Strange and wonderful chords awake in us, and vibrate again after many hundreds of years of complete forgetfulness.
–D.H. Lawrence




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