Slow It Down. That was the assigned title for our writing group several weeks ago. A difficult thing to do during the holidays. But, I am practicing. 

I’ve made a big decision not to lead my Italy Retreats for Women in 2019.
 Along with that decision is the possibility that I may lose all the momentum I have built up over the last 10 years. This goes along with my revitalized self-promise to follow my wantings, my heart’s desires. I teach this principle and I’ve done it for almost three decades, but now living it on a deeper level.  I’m digging with a longer shovel to uncover the knowingness of my truth.

I keep saying I want to sit down in an afternoon and take a break to read a book and study Italian for 15 minutes each and every day.
I think that should be easy to do–Italian for 15 minutes, but no, I carry around the two books–my novel and Italian book, like a squirrel hiding her acorns. I choose a sunny chair in the living room with a view of Waterworks Park, grab some tea, and never end up sitting.
Oh, just one more phone call to make, one bill to pay online, but when I open my computer, I see that there’s a pressing email that must be answered, and then remember it’s my parents’ 70th anniversary so I call them.

Slow it down.
I’d be working hard right now, finalizing costs and itinerary for the Italy Retreat even though it’s 10 months away. To let the pressure out of the tire and take it more slowly. I’m stepping up to a year of doing that.
Last month my daughter got engaged and now I am helping her plan for an August wedding. I am not sure this is completely slowing it down, but it is a focus on following my heart’s desires.

I feel blessed to have the choice to do what I want most.
I don’t take it for granted. Grateful every day.
Obligations still exist. Balancing them like I’m a tightrope walker: Time with aging parents, Time for myself, Time to travel. As my friend Heather’s hashtag encourages–‘Live life love life’.

Slow it down.
Change happens. Il cambiamento accade.
What does it mean to you to do what you truly desire in life? More often than not we sabotage our desires in the effort to please others. We just lose our way sometimes and forget where we stored our acorns. We lose ourselves.

 When the desire is stronger than the fear of what will be lost, then that is the traffic light flashing green.

To even take the time to try a new recipe would be slowing it down for me.
  I am happy to have less ‘have-tos’ on the computer and in business in 2019. I want to contribute, to make a difference and that will continue.

Of course, I will always love Italy and will travel there in some capacity.
  I am still offering my coaching sessions. I’m just testing the waters now. Lying on the raft, dipping my toes in. I’ve always had a busy life fueled by my curiosity. And in the letting go of Italy Retreats, for the year anyway, I am handed a new job for 8 months–a celebration of love for my daughter and her fiancé. 

How would you slow it down in your life? What small steps can you take to follow your heart’s desires?

 I am grateful to all of you for your love and support over the years. 

If you are thinking of Italy Retreats in 2020,  I will keep you on my email list.
May this blessed holiday time fill you with love, peace and your heart’s desires–with lots of moments of slowing it down.

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