A surprise meeting with an ‘angel’ outside of Saint Clare’s Church in Assisi last year was delightful to the women in my Italy Retreat For Women group.

This surprise is a perfect example of  the happiness that can be created when we travel.  I wrote about this in my March newsletter that can be read on my BeHappyBlog— how an investment in a travel experience can create more happiness than in the purchase of ‘things.’

In a beautiful script, our angel wrote personal inspirational messages to each of us, such as:

‘As you change your mind, you change your experience.’

‘Look no further, God is in your heart.’

‘Imagine and conceive only thoughts that can contribute to your happiness.’


This is Saint Clare’s Church in Assisi built of pink and white marble. Considering that March is International Women’s Month, it seems fitting to focus on one of the important women saints of Italy–Saint Clare, born as Chiara.  Contrary to her father’s plans,  in 1212, at the age of 18, instead of considering the arranged marriage, she was inspired to follow Saint Francis after she heard him preach during a Lenten service in the church of San Giorgio in Assisi. She then devoted her life to prayer and silence.

Although many of us do not choose to remain silent, but choose to stand up and speak out for women around the world, the practice of prayer and meditation are important ways to manifest changes in our world and in ourselves.

March is Women’s History Month so it gives us a chance to focus on the successes of women, and issues that still need attention. Specifically, March 8 is International Women’s Day. Do something kind for the women in your life. Promote Women’s Rights by writing to your elected officials and asking that the Equal Rights Amendment be enforced through equal pay.  In Italy, March 8 is always celebrated with the tradition of giving yellow mimosas to women.  On this day, there is an all out effort to show kindness and caring for all women, and since yellow mimosa are blooming in Italy at this time of year, it was a natural choice. (I tried to find it in Iowa, but it’s not available).

Wherever we are in the world, take time to be your own angel, inspire yourself and the women in your circle.
I would love to hear how you do that in the comments!

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