10 Tips to Survive Holidays

10 Tips on How to Survive and Thrive During the Holidays

Can you believe that the holidays are here again? It’s all happening so fast that I needed to give myself
some advice.  So I thought I’d share a 10 tips to survive the holidays, from easy shopping to saving your sanity. I even included a link of Lady Gaga reminding us all to show a little kindness. I’m going to start with one I think is most important.

 1.)  Show kindness to each other–to those you know and also to strangers. There are so many needs in the world.  Join the Today Show in conjunction with the YMCA to share 1 million acts of kindness.  This could very well be the tipping point for making your holidays the sweetest yet. Lady Gaga’s short video is inspiring as she puts kindness to action.  As she says, “The act of kindness is free and it is timeless.” I’d love to hear your ideas for practicing random acts of kindness, or share times that others showed kindness to you in the comments section.

2.) Prepare food that you love to cook.  Since this newsletter is about how to survive and thrive, perhaps the morning of your meal celebration is not the best time to try a new recipe because it could cause more stress.  What dishes do you love to cook?  What are some of your favorite holiday recipes and traditions that you look forward to making during the holidays? Feel free to share here in comments and tell me why they are special to you.

3.) Schedule ahead to save sanity. Cook what you can the day before–casseroles, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and desserts.

4.) Ask: How can I make the holidays fun? Play music, dance, play board games and laugh. If you have an iPhone, you can download the free app of Ellen Degeneres’ game called Heads Up.  What do you do to make the holidays fun?

5.) Make memories. Create some traditions. Decorate the tree together with music playing or bake your favorite recipe. A Christmas for me without the southern Italian raisin and nut dessert, pita piata  just doesn’t say buon natale, for my Italian traditional Christmas. How do you make memories during the holidays?

6.) Change your perspective. Don’t expect people to change. If you are in a situation that is bothersome, get up, and have a conversation with someone else, or take a walk around the block.

7.) Don’t talk about politics or religion, especially this year.

8.)  Shop without stress. Buy locally when possible, at the local artisan shows and stores in your neighborhood. Choose gifts that are meaningful to you. If online shopping eases your stress, do that too. My daughter has suggested some of her favorite foodie gift ideas on her Grace (full) Plate blog, and many are special to me also.
9.) Take time for yourself.  Rest. Plan for alone time if you need a refresher. Buy a special cup and drink hot chocolate. Try to exercise at your usual time, and stick to as normal a diet as you possibly can. Doesn’t seem possible? Can you at least take a 10 minute break and then a 10 minute walk? Take small steps of success!
10.) Give yourself the gift of loving yourself. You are worth it!
May kindness fill your days. When you feel overwhelmed,  go out and practice random acts of kindness.
Peace on Earth and Kindness to all.
Happy Holidays With Love

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