For Thoughtful Thursday on Courage, I recently was inspired by an article written by author and Jungian Analyst, Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, about being courageous. It takes a lot of courage to live these days because of the ability we have of knowing and seeing all of the troubles in the entire world on our computers or televisions 24/7–in graphic detail. Many of us want to help, but find the needs so large, that we feel hopeless. To give us a pep talk in courage, here are a few truth blessings from the wise Dr. Clarissa Pinkola- Estes and quotes from other thought leaders. You can read her entire piece by clicking here.

You Were Made For This:
“My friends, do not lose heart. We were made for these times. I have heard from so many recently who are deeply and properly bewildered. They are concerned about the state of affairs in our world now. Ours is a time of almost daily astonishment and often righteous rage over the latest degradations of what matters most to civilized, visionary people”.

When we feel overwhelmed or afraid, that is the time to dig deeper into our strength and resolve.

As Dr. Estes continues to share: “Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach. Any small, calm thing that one soul can do to help another soul, to assist some portion of this poor suffering world, will help immensely. It is not given to us to know which acts or by whom, will cause the critical mass to tip toward an enduring good”.

When you find your heart is heavy, remember to find that activity that brings you the most joy, whether it is a walk in the woods, digging in the soil, exercise, a hot bath, go do it quickly.

Dr. Estes has experienced discouragement, as all of us have as she shares: ” Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it. If you would help to calm the tumult, this is one of the strongest things you can do. There will always be times when you feel discouraged. I too have felt despair many times in my life, but I do not keep a chair for it. I will not entertain it. It is not allowed to eat from my plate.”

For this writing on Courage for Thoughtful Thursday, here are a handful of inspirational quotes that like a dear friend will help  you over the threshold of fear and discouragement.

Thoughtful Thursday Quotes on Courage:

“Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes”
– Maggie Kuhn, Social Activist

  “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t  always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”
– Brené Brown, Daring Greatly

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”
– Nelson Mandela

“Courage is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of success”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“You’ve always had the power my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself”
– The Wizard of Oz

“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage”
– Thusydides

“It is easy to be brave from a safe distance”
– Aesop

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”
– Andre Gide

“We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated”
– Maya Anjelou

“The dark does not destroy the light; it defines it. It’s our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows”
– Brené Brown

“When a great ship is in harbor and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt. But that is not what great ships are built for”
– Clarissa Pinkola-Estes

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