Online Workshop to Manifesting Your Desires

1.) 42-day Sweet Life Challenge–Manifest your desires. Meet me in my Virtual Online Piazza (town square) Six Thursdays, January 21 through February 25:  2pm-3:30p Eastern time. Check for next Online Workshops here.

2.) Italy Retreat for Women will take place in ITALY (Not Virtual) from September 5-16, and possibly a second Retreat from September 17-27. I’ve written extensively about my Annual Retreat on my site, so please read the details here.

42-day Sweet Life Challenge: My Online Workshop takes place on the phone in my online piazza (town square) to help you manifest your desires, or as I put it, create your sweet life! This is a 42-Day Challenge to create your sweet life, la dolce vita, whatever that looks like to you. This will consist of a small supportive group of women in our virtual piazza on the phone, focused on creating their dolce vita, sweet life!

In Italy, life in a piazza is rich with activity, ranging from babies in carriages to children playing soccer, to the nonna eating gelato and chatting with neighbors. I want to bring that feeling to our online chats, but with the focus on manifesting YOUR SWEET LIFE, la dolce vita!

Italians are known for their spirit and extraordinary quality of life, even when times are tough. So that is what we want to develop. Even though life may continue to hand us harsh challenges, we must become conscious and release our limiting beliefs, so that we do not get stuck in the muck.

Sometimes we get stuck by:

  • Being so caught up in daily living and chores that you forget there is even the possibility of living any other kind of life, much less a sweet one.
  • Worrying so much about finances that you forget that life could actually be enjoyable.
  • Taking care of the needs of others so that you never think about your own, and often end up feeling resentful.
  • Fearing that you’ll disappoint others or stepping outside of the expectation box and following your
    own heart.
  • Ruminating about the unknown.

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