Tips for Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, a perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on the gifts that planet Earth has given us.  As I’ve written about in past blogs, expressing our gratitude is a way to add happiness to our lives. Take time today to list five things for which you are grateful to Mother Earth. Then list five things that you can do to uplift Mother Earth.

I am grateful to Mother Earth for:

1. Gravity – which allows me as a member of our Human Race to have evolved over time the ‘sixth’ sense, the sense of balance which gives me the ability to stand upright on two feet and amble over the surface of this awe-inspiring planet.

2. Atmosphere – which provides the oxygen for animals to breathe, the cycle of evaporation and condensation resulting in rain, and the filter which permits exactly the right amount of sunlight to promote healing and life in every living thing on earth.

3. Plant life – in all its varied splendor which uses the carbon we exhale to produce life-giving oxygen, nourishing food, soul-inspiring beauty, and healing in the form of medicinal herbs.

4. Earth’s Bounty – Mountains lakes, streams, forests, deserts, oceans – an endless array of ecosystems in which to live, to play, to find peace and inspiration, simply to enjoy.

5. Foods and Nourishment – Food generously offered for our sustenance. Dark purple grapes, juicy oranges, avocados, nuts, kale, carrots, and so much more. An unending supply of vitamin and mineral rich deliciousness given.   


A few ideas to do today to show your love and respect for Mother Earth Day:

1. Perform random acts of kindness to Earth to express your gratitude and ‘pay it forward’ for the riches that have been given to you ‘just because.’   For example, you can pick up litter. My walking group will don gloves and garbage bags tonight on our walk to gather up trash along the side of the streets and in the park. We did this last year and we were amazed at the junk we collected in five large garbage bags within an hour.

2. Find time to recycle, even if it is only one type of reusable resource such as plastic, cardboard, magazines, glass, or aluminum.  Every little bit does help to keep stuff out of the landfills. Recycle for an elderly or disabled neighbor or friend.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint. Plant a tree. Walk or bike to work, reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in your cleaning or cosmetic products.

4. Eat and shop more consciously. Choose fresh, locally grown organic produce and local farm-raised meat.  Minimize what you bring home in packaging.  Use reusable cloth bags for shopping and mesh bags for your fresh vegetables. I was disappointed yesterday, sitting in my car outside one of our local grocery stores, to notice that out of a dozen customers streaming out the door, none of them had canvas bags–all plastic.

5. Raise your food awareness. Get involved and do your part to be the change. Mother Earth provides healthy choices. Unfortunately, we have added pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s (genetically modified foods) to the plate. APRIL 25 to MAY 3, check out the online Food Revolution Summit hosted by author John Robbins, that is free of charge. You will learn the most up-to-date research and information about food, nutrition, disease prevention and environmental stewardship. You can hear interviews three times a day from 25 experts.

May all of these positive Earth Day activities, and some of your own, become a habit so that every day can be earth day!

Happy Earth Day!

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