Top Five ResolutionsHappy New Year!

May this be a year that is fulfilling and fun! I’ve written my dreams for the year, and have taken baby steps each day toward them. I’ve already stumbled and fallen, but I started again today. I’ve learned over the years not to get down on myself when my accomplishments do not always match the height of my dreams.

Resolutions are a marker for where you want to be and go in your year, not a punishment to suffer through. If we look at our resolutions as drudgery, we will quit by the end of January and join the 92% of people who do not successfully achieve their resolutions. According to Statistics Brain only 8 % of people achieve their resolutions. I believe it’s just that we get impatient with ourselves and let our limiting beliefs block us from moving forward.

Top Five Resolutions

The top five New Years Resolutions on twitter for 2015 are:

  1. Work out
  2. Be happy
  3. Lose weight
  4. Stop smoking
  5. Unplug

Even though being happy was number two on the list, all the other resolutions ultimately lead to the experience of more happiness. Think about jotting down 10 things that would be happy-making in your life–reading a book a month, meeting new friends or studying a new language. Then take ten minutes a day to make them a reality.

Resolve to take baby steps each day rather than having a huge goal that seems so out of reach that you give up after two weeks. However, it is also very empowering to dream really big. To simplify reaching your huge goals, break it down into manageable daily or weekly tasks, that you can inch toward. You will see that baby steps will be a steady movement forward.

What’s on your Top Five Resolutions list this year? Do you have some easy and fun ways that you achieve them?

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