Italian Eats

Jennie and Anne enjoy fresh anchovy appetizers prepared in all kinds of delicious ways

I am not one to ever eat anchovies, acciuge, in the US. However, it’s a different story in Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy where the anchovies are freshly caught every day just minutes from the doors of the restaurants. They are prepared in unique and delicious ways. Each dish draws on elements of creativity from stuffed to fried to ceviche. I love the surprise pops of flavor and presentations shown here at Ristorante Miky in Monterosso al Mare.

Italian Eats

Breaded anchovy

Italian Eats

Vegetarian platter


Flaming dish


Happily learning about the Italian culture through their cuisine!


My Italy Retreats are designed to unleash happiness and remind everyone to live la dolce vita, ‘the sweet life’. Two of the many ways we do that is through our activities outside in the gorgeous Italian seasides and towns, and through our culinary Italian Eats adventures.

The ten-day Italy Retreats are physically active, I don’t deny that, but we also spend some quality time taste-testing our way through Italy! As a foodie I like to take advantage of  Italy being one giant restaurant. So, even though we savor the Italian food, we also ride bikes, swim and walk–but more about that in future posts! In today’s post, we eat.

Overlooking the sea on the full moon night we ate and laughed at L’Ancora della Tortuga Ristorante in Monterosso.


Awaiting dinner

Others around us came up to our table afterward, telling us we sounded like we were having so much fun. Our seafood antipasto was a work of art served in seashells.


Seafood antipasti


Italian Eats

Squid Ink Spaghetti and Shrimp

This squid ink pasta is not something I would ever think of ordering (like the anchovies). Sounds and looks creepy, but the flavors were an unexpected surprise. I am a big believer in the idea that you really learn about a culture by eating their food. The more I eat of Ligurian food, the more I love Italy!  This culinary delight included shrimp (with full body intact) plus curry sauce with fresh slices of oranges at Ristorante Ely in Monterosso.

Italian Eats

Dessert medley at Ristorante Miky

Of course, we love to try the desserts, le dolce.

Italian Eats

I’m now getting very hungry writing this post. Must eat. Buon appetito!

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