Comfort Zone

Lenora upside down in acro yoga

As usual, Italy inspires me to add more things to my sweet life! Rejuvenated and inspired from my Italy Retreat for Women, I was ready to step outside my comfort zone.

After attending my regular yoga class, the yoga teacher introduced a visiting yoga teacher, Whaka David Luke, who introduced himself as an Acro Yoga teacher traveling around the world with his wife, Sarah, teaching AcroYoga classes.

He invited the class to try ‘flying’. Simply put, this meant he would be the base on the floor supporting us as we did yoga in the air. After a few younger students tried it, he invited me to try it.

“Oh no, I’m too old for that,” I heard myself saying.  His response: “It’s all in your head.”  Wait, wasn’t that my line? So here was a belief that I needed to challenge. Lo and behold, I wasn’t too old. Our limiting beliefs speak out of one side of our mouths, and truth gets choked out on the other side.

I am not a gymnast. I was afraid  that the yoga teacher was going to drop me on my head leaving me paralyzed for life!  Yet I was interested in trying something new and experiencing something outside my comfort zone.

Shakily, I leaned my hips on the bottom of his feet while he held my hands and lifted me up as easily as you might lift up your 3 year old while playing at flying in your living room.

Except here I was, 61 years old, flying in the yoga room being held up by a shirtless stranger with a bushy ponytail. I soared above his head, always supported–back bends while holding onto my ankles, upside down as I used to be on the bars of my childhood back yard swing set, spread eagle looking up to the sky, and still his bare feet held me.

My job was to listen to his instructions and of course, let go–let go of holding my neck up, of the voices shouting their warnings. His life’s work is “helping people discover the gifts of trust, joy, laughter, play, balance, and release through acro, acropeutics, and yoga.”  My life’s work is to inspire women to live ‘the sweet life’, to enjoy a happy and empowered life sparked from their hearts’ desires. His life’s work and mine are in sync.

I can’t believe I did it. Or even COULD do it.

Surprising myself, I attended their acro yoga class the next night, and actually practiced being the base person on the bottom. Again, when I said,  “I can’t,” the teacher just pointed to his head. I shook, but I did it. I silenced those old voices.

I wanted to do what I was afraid of. I knew if I wanted a flying experience, I had to let go immediately and just do it.

One of my goals in my ‘sweet life’ coaching practice and for my Italy Retreats for Women is to help each woman become more empowered. One key to accomplish this is to do something outside one’s comfort zone every day.

What can you do today that you are afraid of doing?  Just do it!

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