Maddalena Islands

Shrine on Madellena Isalnd

Shrine on Madellena Isalnd

The first photo is of Spalmatore Beach on Maddalena Island, one of the many beaches around the island.  From the northern town of Palau, we drove our car onto the ferry, then cruised around Maddalena Island oohing and aching as we passed each public beach. We parked on the side of the road and ran into the sea.  Crystal blue water–  cool and refreshing with soft sandy beaches, and wild looking formations of boulders everywhere.  The whole drive around the island was just beach after beach, beauty after beauty.

Off the charts!  Water like liquid gold. We named it Heaven. The second photo is of a shrine on Maddalena island–always love the shrines all over Italy, in the most unexpected places.

Maddalena Island off northern Sardegna

Maddalena Island off northern Sardegna (Sardinia)

Arriving back to the mainland of Sardinia, we headed northwest towards the western side of the island along the panoramic road, with again endless beaches and mountains of beauty. We’re on our way to Alghero, an old Spanish town, with again more beaches and ancient charm.

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