Fine dining in Monterosso

Fine dining in Monterosso

Some delicious food sharing with one of my groups in Monterosso.

In one week, I’ll be joined by a fabulous group of women to live la dolce vita during my Italy Retreat for Women!

Today, sharing a snippet of la dolce vita. Tonight at the airport hotel in Florence I ordered room service, after a very long flight from the US, So I just wanted to rest in my room.

When I realized that they were an hour late in delivering dinner, I called and no one answered at the front desk or at the restaurant. So I trot down to the lobby, and they are apologetic, and promise to bring dinner right up, as they had forgotten my order.  But they are dancing and laughing, making jokes, returning to me the room service fee.

In the US I would not be happy about this.  But here, I can easily say, “oh well, it’s Italy”. I can’t help it, they just have an easier attitude. They sincerely were sorry but they made me laugh, and they were sweet–no attitude. It’s just a different way of being. I think I’ll call it la dolce vita, although I know you may have other thoughts about this!

I didn’t even ask why no one answered the phones. Then the desk clerk went online and helped me print out my boarding pass, as kind and attentive as could be.

italy_ph_2500 Italy MapMaybe the fact that Italy is shaped like a fashionable boot, inspires them to be playful and creative.

Sharing picnic in Portovenere, Italy-1 hour ferry ride from Cinque Terre

Sharing picnic in Portovenere, Italy-1 hour ferry ride from Cinque Terre

Or maybe it’s the constant beauty that surrounds them, that inspires a light-heartedness and appreciation of all that is fine.

Stay tuned..tomorrow I’ll be flying to Sardenia (Sardegna) for my first visit to this Italian Island where a huge part of the population lives to be 100 or more.

Photo of Map:

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