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Butterfly prawn stuffed with Dungeness crab on arugula salad

Foodie Tour in Seattle:

Musings of living la dolce vita, the sweet life:

My definition of la dolce vita: To live life fully in each moment, savoring the simple moments, and thoroughly enjoying them. That is la dolce vita, whether I am living in Italy or not. Even though I write mostly about Italy on this blog, I also want to focus on living ‘the sweet life’ la dolce vita, wherever you are!  And right now I am visiting Seattle with my husband. One of my passions is to savor the culinary delights of a region. To me, that is all part of living la dolce vita, the sweet life.

On the summer solstice, my husband and I enjoyed a Foodie Tour in Seattle. Time out from a busy work schedule to savor a progressive meal, and talk with the chefs and managers of some of the best restaurants and cuisine establishments in Bell Town and on the Pike.

Hitting up tasty varieties of truffles and flavored salts, aged balsamic vinegars, pestos and more at La Tavola Truffle Shope. We also visited Serious Pie for wood burning oven Italian pizza. We loved the salmon cakes, and my favorite was crab tator tots from Steelhead Restaurant. At the seventh stop, we completed our tour with authentic Italian gelato.

Foodie Tour in Seattle

Tasting truffle salt at La Tavola, truffle cafe

Unique, simple, fresh, summer flavors.

From Savor Seattle Food Tour: “Each tour offers a large variety of tastings, while visiting 6-10 different specialty food shops, artisans, and neighborhood restaurants. Although the tours differ in geography, duration, and food themes, they all highlight the vibrant stories of the people and places that make Seattle one of the greatest culinary and cultural centers of the world.”

When you visit a major city, check to see if they have food tours. I’ve also enjoyed one in Boulder, Colorado.

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