You know I’m devoted to helping each of you live your sweet life, la dolce vita. I have something for you today that is especially sweet. Can clutter reveal limiting beliefs? As we say in Iowa, You Betcha!

There I was clearing things out when I picked up the railroad lantern my dad had given me from his working days. It doesn’t work and it’s collecting dust yet I hang onto it. So I asked myself why. My self said, “Because your father gave it to you.” Suddenly I realized I was not only holding onto a useless lantern, I was holding onto an old belief. My belief was that I’m obligated to hold on to what people I love give me.

I cleared out that old belief, took a picture of the lantern then kissed it goodbye and went to the next piece of clutter.

Just as our closets are cluttered, our minds are cluttered with the stories we tell ourselves. “My dad would be hurt,” “It was a gift,” “I haven’t worn it yet,” “I might need it some day.” These are signs of old beliefs we carry, stories that clutter up our minds.

What stories do your clutter reveal? That dress you don’t wear, for example. What’s the story, the belief? The things we keep that we no longer need are like the beliefs we hold that keep us in the past.

Here are some other examples:

The clutter: An expensive dress you bought ten years ago and don’t wear.
The story: I spent good money on this dress.
The limiting belief: When I spend a lot of money on something, I need to keep it. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees!
New belief: I keep only what I love to wear.

The clutter: Shoes you don’t like or wear.
The story: I may need them.
The limiting belief: I must wear shoes I don’t like.
New belief: I wear shoes I love, even if I can only afford two pairs.

Is this making sense to you? So often, when we want to get rid of stuff, we resist because it is more than getting rid of a thing, it is getting rid of what we used to believe about the way we want to live or look.

De-cluttering my closet brought me more into the present moment. Wicker baskets replaced piles and I know where things are when I want them. I have only what I love and will use. I’m so happy walking into my closets now. Why? Because there is nothing in there that I don’t use at this moment in my life. I unhooked from the hold of the past that these things had over me.

The energetic weight of carrying old beliefs around is wearing. It’s discouraging to step around what’s in the way in our closets–and in our minds.

Life is sweeter uncluttered.

Try it with me! Let me know what limiting beliefs and old stories cleaning out your stuff reveals.

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