Power of Thoughts Today, a few thoughts about our Power of Thoughts.

It seems as human beings we have thoughts moving through us all the time (some of us more than others, and perhaps not the sanyasis meditating in the caves of India), but one thing is certain — we do not have to believe all of our thoughts.

Thoughts like, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m too old to start a new career”,  “I will always be alone,” are more like limiting beliefs that are not true. Creating your life through the power of your thinking is a grand start to living a life worth living.  Now, here are some thoughtful quotes on thoughts.

From the Peace Pilgrim…

Do you know that every moment of your life you’re creating through thought? You create your own inner conditions; you’re helping create the conditions around  you…

You are continuously radiating a mental energy which affects everything and everyone around you..
~ Annamalai Swami

Energy follows thought You actually become what you think….
~ Lynne Namka

Everything you think vibrates through your body…
~ Bobbie Probstein

Every thought that crops up in the mind is in itself a test to see what one’s reaction will be…
~  Nityananda

We become what we think about most of the time…
~ Earl Nightingale

Negative thoughts are the world’s most communicable disease
~ Gene E. Clark

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