Inner Strength

We’re having fun hiking the trail to Vernazza from Monterosso

Inner Strength

Mary Ellen Maguire on the Via Dell’amore hiking trail, Cinque Terre

This is a guest post by one of the wonderful women, Mary Ellen Maguire, who adventured with me to Italy during one of my Italy Retreat. Find your joy and stretch outside your comfort zone on a regular basis.

I asked her to share her wisdom and writing from a writing group we attended: Women Who Run With the Wolves Writing Course lead by Rae Bales from The Women’s Writing Project.

Thank you for sharing!

How to Become a Person of Intense Inner Strength and Knowing
The possibilities, 10 Points:

  1. Find role models to observe and study their lives. Learn all you can about them.
  2. Be open/free to do inner self exploration and processing, be willing to accept and adjust behaviors.
  3. Go into the shadow side of your material, your inner life.  Shine a light on the places needing to be discovered, healed and released.
  4. Notice the small things; the beauty in nature, the smiles on faces, the joy in dancing and moving.
  5. Bend with the winds of every day travails.
  6. Allow for, and learn from, your failures and successes, and the cycles of life’s experiences.
  7. Find good teachers, healers, shamans, sisters, friends to guide you on your way.
  8. Get enough rest, healthy food and exercise.
  9. Have inward quiet time and space for your self daily.
  10. Follow creative threads and links to open all doors.
  11. Relax and enjoy life, accept “what is”.

Mary Ellen Maguire
Inspired by “Women Who Run With the Wolves”
by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.
March 14, 2014

~~~Thank you, Mary Ellen, for your wisdom and sense of adventure in all things!

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