The juxtaposition of old doors, bright red geraniums, laundry hanging overhead, shrines to The Blessed Mother, and ceramics are all part of the colorful Italy landscape.

Colorful Italy

Shopping for ceramics, small and large, is always an Italian activity that brings us great pleasure.  I collect tiles, as you can see some of them here on my kitchen shelf, which are very easy to pack in a small suitcase.  You’ll never regret your purchases when on a cold winter day, far from Italy,  you look up and enjoy colorful Italy in your own home, or when you serve a hot plate of spaghetti on your Italian ceramic platter.

Colorful Italy


lenora3 wMarieDoors as works of art! I have a pinterest board of doors if you are interested in enjoying more workmanship. Doors are passages into secret gardens, churches, or buildings that once housed nobles–carefully thought out and presented. I like to think of all the interesting characters that have crossed those thresholds.


Sacred devotion is a part of everyday life. Round a corner, look above a door or on the wall, you are sure to come upon an altar. Pause to say a prayer, breath in the beauty.


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