“I remember the three figs I ate this morning at the hotel in Cinque Terre, Italy. The first one was lush and deeply reddish purple; inside, the tendrils were green close to the outer edge and then richly dark all the way to the center. It was soft everywhere and the taste so delightful, about a 9 out of 10. The second fig, a gratefully equal repeat of the first. I was expecting the same delight of the third, but after I chewed it a few times and the flavors burst upon my quivering buds, I knew… yea, I did cognize deeply the depth of flavor in that gift of the angels, of my Italy committee, and lo, from God, the almighty creator of figs, pasta, all grape products, and the blues, the exquisite blues of the Mediterranean ocean that have thrilled me into shivers, I knew that the flavors of that fig, sweet, delicately chewy and rounded out by a maturity of figgy-ness, would be the pinnacle of fig-inity in my world up to that moment. I give thanks and praise for the FIG.”

Thanks so much for everything, Lenora. The trip was molto molto wonderful. –From Paula on the 2013 Italy Retreat for Women.

A very important aspect of living la dolce vita, the sweet life, is savoring the extraordinary variety of food in Italy. I love Paula’s delightful description of and enjoyment of this simple but luscious fruit. –Lenora


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