Living my Inner Italian–breakfast in Positano

When Sharon Sanders from Simple Italy blog, interviewed me and asked how I lived my inner Italian, my first thought was, “with pleasure!”

Every once in awhile she asks other Italophiles what they love about Italy. You can see her complete interview with me here.  I think you’ll enjoy it.

Sharon Sanders has been a food and travel communicator who specializes in Italy.  Her cookbooks include Cooking Up an Italian Life: Simple Pleasures of Italy in Recipes and Stories, and Chicken Dishes for Simple Italy.

One aspect of “living my inner Italian is to cook with friends and eat Italian food, read books about Italy,enjoy Italian movies, and struggle learning the beautiful Italian language!
Also determined to visit Italy every year!

Sharon Sanders

Lenora enjoying Italy at L’Archetta Restaurant in Rome

Here’s the first question from the interview with Sharon Sanders:  Q: Living “Italian”. . . Is it a goodlifestyle or the best lifestyle? Why?

A: It’s the best lifestyle. In the DNA of those who live in Italy, even though there are troubles and challenges, they know how to enjoy the moments in a day.  READ ALL OF THE INTERVIEW at SIMPLE ITALY BLOG.

How do you enjoy living your ‘inner Italian?”

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