Italian Easter Bread

Braided Italian Easter Bread and Knots

Buona Pasqua! Bread is the staff of life and bread of all sizes, shapes and tastes are baked all over the world.  In my Italian American family, the Easter season is a time to eat Italian Easter Bread. It’s especially delicious toasted.

As with any recipe, there are an infinite number of variations, and each cook believes theirs is the best. My daughter at has bravely written a family recipe that seemed to change from family member to family member.  I say bravely, because many family members did not write down the recipe, but just made the bread year after year.

Last Easter season, I joined my Aunts and Mom back east to make 20 loaves of braided Easter Bread.  We also made small “knots” that are great for eating with a cup of coffee or tea.For the family recipe, please check out my daughter’s blog at

Wrist deep in Easter Bread dough

Braided and Twisted dough in lightly oiled pans before baking

What foods do you eat traditionally for Easter?

Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua!

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