3 Year Blogiversary

Monterosso Beach, Cinque Terre, Italy

On a cold January morning, three years ago, in an Iowa coffee shop, a friend helped me  create my second blog, ItalyRetreat.blogpost.com, so that I could post information about my workshops in Italy. Now, three years later, I’m celebrating my 3 year blogiversary by moving to wordpress.  In addition, my blog name has morphed into ItalyRetreatForWomen.com.  All old posts have been moved, many manually. Of course, all inquiries to my old address will be now forwarded to Italy Retreat for Women.

I am challenged keeping up with writing posts, but I love all things Italian, so I write as much as I can.  My daughter, Grace, who has two successful beautiful blogs, has been instrumental in many ways, answering my many techie questions, and giving me encouragement and fresh ideas. My readers, all of you, have also blessed me with your support.

Besides my 3 Year Blogiversary, the whole purpose for this blog is to write about my passion—Italy! I share my thoughts and experiences about all things Italian, including my travels to Italy, Italian food, growing up as an Italian American in the US, and sharing why it’s important to join me in ITALY at my annual Italy Retreat for Women to live la dolce vita, the sweet life!

The Sweet Life is all about an enriched life, changing limiting beliefs, and living a big happy life. It is going on adventures, making life at home sweeter, having fun with friends, cooking together, walking together, learning together – all in the spirit of La Dolce Vita.  I have come to realize that my life’s work helping others to be happier and more successful has been about living the sweet life. The ultimate? Go to Italy with me!

I hope you enjoy the new look and location.  Please subscribe, and then you will receive regular updates in your email. You can subscribe by scrolling down in the right hand column, and entering your email address, and transcribing a code word.

To also celebrate, I invite you to a wonderful BOOK GIVE-AWAY!  I’m very excited that Dianne Hales, author of one of my all time favorite books, My Bella Lingua, is offering an autographed copy of her luscious book to the winner of my drawing right here on Italy Retreat for Women.

I have read this book a couple times because Dianne is an excellent story teller who captures the enchantment, history and culture of Italy, while teaching us about the beauty of the language.

What Amazon says about La Bella Lingua is that ‘it’s a celebration of the language and culture of Italy. La Bella Lingua is the story of how a language shaped a nation, told against the backdrop of one woman’s personal quest to speak fluent Italian.’

In order to enter the free giveaway, please ACT NOW, IT IS SO EASY to take ONE of the following actions:

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3.)   Comment on this blog post between today and Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at midnight, Eastern time.  A winner will be chosen and an autographed copy of “La Bella Lingua” will be sent to you anywhere in the world!

The winner will be chosen through random.org and  will receive a confirmation email, so be sure I have your contact information.  I will also post the winner on this blog, so check back in by Thursday morning,  January 26.

Welcome and please stop back anytime! Remember to live the sweet life, la dolce vita, wherever you are!

Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.”          –Anna Akhmatova

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