Michelangelo in Florence

Michelangelo in FlorenceWhen you visit Florence you feel as though you can actually see and hear Michelangelo walking along the streets in Florence.

“Art has a magic quality:the more minds that digest it, the longer it lives.”~~~Michelangelo

My Italy Retreat extended this year because we also wanted to explore Florence and Tuscany after our Cinque Terre adventure and workshop.

This is my third time to view David, Michelangelo’s 14 foot sculpture. It brings tears to my eyes every time. My heart expands, my mind slips, and my soul soars. Just having read The Agony and The Ecstasy by Irving Stone, I had a deeper connection to the David because I understood what Michelangelo experienced from age 13 to his death at about age 90. The 700 page book serves us a delicious treat with every turn of the page. So, in returning to the Accademia Museum in Florence a few days ago, I really feel like I knew the man, the artist and the essence of the Renaissance. Irving Stone expertly invited me to walk beside Michelangelo, sharing his agonies and ecstasies. I hope you can read the book, and then visit David, Michelangelo in Florence.

The Renaissance was a period of history where art, life, and the essence of humanity were lifted to extraordinary heights. Now in the 21st century, every day we have a chance to experience our own renaissance with Michelangelo in Florence. To spend time each day enjoying beauty and upliftment through nature, music, art, literature, conversation, connection….and in our thoughts.

Take notice of the thoughts you are nurturing each day. Do they uplift your personal renaissance, or contract your history? Do they lead you to expansive changes or shackle you to limitations?

It’s been said that at least 60% of the world’s art is housed in Italy. 100% of the world’s beauty is housed in each of you. Are you nurturing that beauty? What thoughts are you sowing for your future production? Yes, art has a magic quality, and so do your thoughts.

I see that if each of us focused on beauty every day, what a glorious world we could create.

May you rise to your own renaissance every day!

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