“I gave up addictive foods, and the shadows started to wail.”

The shadows, I call limiting beliefs, your ego, or stress. They act like they are friends who resent that you are asking them to leave.

They exist to help you stay safe in your cocoon life, away from the saber tooth tigers, but I’d say those belief guys and girls just want to be in control of you, similar to the movie, The Adjustment Bureau. It was a simple movie but I thought fascinating that some bureau controlled humanity, and made adjustments to people’s minds, so they could see things more according to the BIG PLAN from the BIG GUY. Not god but the main agent, whoever that was. I say it was a metaphor for the ego, or the old belief.

The Adjustment Bureau’ Trailer

According to the Adjustment Bureau, if anyone veered off plan, they had to be ‘adjusted’.  They said that humans could not have choices because humanity has screwed up so much when they had free will, such as creating World War I  and WWII, that we couldn’t be trusted.

What the movie allows us to see is the importance of choosing our lives. I say, “Let the shadows wail their tonsils out!” We have been strangled by their scrawny, dirty hands for a long time.

I invite myself, and anyone who will listen, to gently yet firmly take each finger from around your neck, and pry them away. You can breathe so much better. Your laughter takes on a new lilt. Why wouldn’t it, free of  unwelcomed strangled hands. Find your OWN voice.

We can be our own Adjustment Bureau. The shadow will stop wailing, the crying will stop, the sobbing turning to silent stares.

We may just have to write a new diary of our lives, a different story line with fresh characters, those that we interviewed and chose to be on our life’s pages. They have served their time, and now death to the shadow friends! Be off with thee,arrivederciciao, get lost, take a hike, a presto, good riddance!

Ask yourself: “How would my life be different if I did not listen to the shadows?” ” Would I find MY voice?”

Be your own adjustment bureau.  You choose. You find YOUR Truth.

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