Cinque TerreDuring cold winter months, it’s fun to plan and dream of warm vacations in Italy.

That’s just what was found in a study done in the Netherlands, where 1,530 Dutch individuals answered a questionnaire about their happiness before and after a trip. The biggest increase in happiness came from the actual act of planning the vacation. The purpose of the study was to find the relationship between vacations and happiness.

If the participants of the study had a very relaxed vacation, then they were happier for a longer period post-trip. But, basically, there was no difference between a vacationers and non-vacationers post-trip happiness.

Unlike this study though, happiness will not drop back to basics when you return from Italy, because one of the purposes of The Italy Retreat for Women is to learn HOW to be happy and create la dolce vita, ‘the sweet life’ wherever you are! Triple whammy–it’s a win-win-win। Happy planning, happy savoring Italy, and happy when you return. You’ll learn how to change your limiting beliefs while on the workshop in Italy, which is a serious cause of unhappiness. The result is continued happiness long after your return home.

As poet Anna Akhmatova puts it, “Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.”

This Italy Retreat combines 2 1/2 days of workshop with 5 days of travel in the Italian Riviera. It’s very affordable too.

You will learn to break away from outdated beliefs about what’s possible in your life. Also, you’ll discover how to ‘create’ your life instead of being the victim of your circumstances.

Give yourself a gift of travel and freedom this year. You’ll find the Ligurian Coast of Italy a paradise of turquoise waters and mountains. It’s also known for its wine, olive oil, pesto, divine bread called focaccia, and much more.
The Cinque Terre (five lands) are linked by breathtaking trails. It’s fun to hike, take the ferry to visit each town, or hop on the train. We stay at a wonderful hotel in Monterosso al Mare, the Cinque Terre town with the best beaches.

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Sallee Haerr, one of the women who attended last year’s trip wrote a guest post I think you’d enjoy.

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Photo: Rocky sunbathing beside the long sandy beach at Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy

Photo: portal overlooking the Bay of Poets in Portovenere, Italy

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