Top Ten ListsMy friend, Rae Bird, taught women’s writing groups for many years before she moved away. She’s still teaching, but not in Iowa right now.  We all loved meeting together so much that we continued on even though we miss her creative leadership.

She suggested writing top ten lists of anything.  Last week I posted my Top 10 Ways to Be Happy. This week, I’ll share several more Top 10 lists from some of the women in the group. If you have a favorite list of 10, email them to me at so I can post your lists.

This guest post about Iowa is from Jacqueline Signori who is adjunct faculty member teaching Composition at Kirkwood Community College, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Ten Things I love about Iowa:

  1. The space
  2. The wide sky
  3. The friends
  4. The lack of traffic
  5. The gardens
  6. The lack of snobbery
  7. The Mississippi
  8. Corn fields all tall on both sides of the road so as to create a tunnel
  9. Presidential fever every four years
  10. September and May

What are your top ten lists?

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