LiguriaOne of the many beautiful eye catching scenes that thrills me in the Italian Riviera is the colorful homes throughout the Liguria Coast–Green, blue, yellow, pink, orange, and gold.

In one of Fred Plotkin’s book, Recipes from Paradise, he comments that “Many Ligurian seafarers have told me that the reason each adjoining building in their towns is painted a different color is so they can be recognized from boats offshore. Again, Ligurian practicality has beautiful results.”
On the surfaces of the buildings are painted pillars, ornamentation and other facades that from a distance look real or seems that it is made of marble. Some of the windows, balconies and geraniums are fake. I couldn’t tell the difference between the illusions and the actual.
Liguria is the third smallest of the Italian regions and lies in the northwest area of Italy. It has always traded with the north so was influenced by the Scandinavians who decorated the exterior of their homes. Their seafaring lifestyle also brought back the art and architectural styles from Islamic countries.
I invite you to view some gorgeous photos of Liguria on my Flickr albums from last year’s La Dolce Vita Women’s Retreat in Monterosso.
In case you missed out, we’ll be heading over once again to the Cinque Terre area again from September 11-19 for 8 nights to travel along the Italian Riviera and to participate in my 15 hour transformational workshop.
Have you been to the Ligurian region of Italy? What’s your favorite spot?
Photo: Left bottom–My photo of street in Manarola, Cinque Terre.
Photo:Right–My photo of Portovenere (Port of Venus)

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