Find Your GroupA very simple way to be happy is to join a group of like-minded people.

If you are a member of a church, it’s usually easy to find fellowship. If not,  you may have to search for the group that you feel a kinship with.  You could join Rotary Club in your town–a group comprised of people from all walks of life whose purpose is to support each other, and give service to the community. If you’d like to build self-esteem and meet interesting people, join Toastmasters International, a club that teaches you to how to lead and speak more confidently.

Or if you like to dance or ride bicycles, join a dance class or bike club. I have fun with my walking group, becausee we walk several miles together while engaged in great conversation, and then share light food and chat afterward. There are people who get together to write, cook, knit, discuss investments, or read books.

I know I’m just scratching the surface of  the groups available.  You could even just start one of your own based on what you’re passionate about. The value of already started groups, is that even if you’re a little shy, you can just join in. One of the groups I love to meet with is my writing group. Recently, I posted some writings from one of the women in that group.

Today I’m sharing a couple other writings from 2 ladies in my writing group,  following the theme of the Top 10 list of anything. All you need to do is set a timer for about 10 minutes, and choose your theme. Keep writing letting the pen move without editing, following your stream of consciousness, staying with the topic if you can.  However, it’s fine to write what you really want to write about. It may even be a surprise to you what flows from your mind and heart through the pen.

A 10 Experience by Amalia Bright

The last edit on a film
The last word of a piece — the one that says that’s it
The last brushstroke — and there’s no undo.
When all the flavors come together in a soup or stew
What makes a 10 is a journey. Does hop scotch go up to 10?

A sunny day, wearing a summer dress crouched over the sidewalk
with a piece of bright pink chalk. All the time in the world, squares
appear like stella. Children play rituals all the time. They create their
own myths. “You be the mother, I’ll be the father,” the good guy, the bad
guy and an elaborate drama begins. I remember drawing a
mythological journey, an odyssey on two walls. It took all day and
all the kids in the neighborhood came to be part of it.

Ten flowers in my 2010 garden by Marsha Tiffany

  1. lavender
  2. sunflowers
  3. Russian sage
  4. roses
  5. purple coneflowers
  6. marigolds
  7. daisies
  8. irises
  9. lilies
  10. black-eyed susans

What groups have you found helpful in your life? Have you written any top 10 lists you’d like to share?

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