national day of listeningTheir purpose is for all of us to create a more caring nation, just through the simple act of listening.

If  you don’t have time on November 27, make another date and talk to that special someone to record his or her story.

Have you ever noticed that many people find it hard to listen?

They are waiting to take their turn to talk, or some can’t wait, so they jump right in to tell you what’s on their minds.  Or better yet, they share how their problems are worse than yours.  But this Friday, we all get a chance to listen and record a conversation.

StoryCorps invites you to participate in this year’s National Day of Listening, on Friday, November 27, 2009. On this day, StoryCorps encourages all Americans to set aside one hour to record a conversation with a grandparent, an aunt, a neighbor, a veteran, or a client at a local soup kitchen and ask the big questions, such as, “How do you want to be remembered?” or, “What was the proudest moment of your life?”

National Day of Listening interviews can be conducted without spending any money, using recording equipment that is readily available in most homes—from cell phones and computers to tape recorders or even pen and paper.

Visit to take the pledge to participate, to download a Do-It-Yourself Instruction Guide, and to share your National Day of Listening experience.

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