My friend and mastermind buddy, Marily Suttle, has written an important book called Who’s Your Gladys?” to help businesses enhance customer service. I don’t know if it’s just that people are worried about their lives more these days, or what’s happening, but customer service seems to be on the downturn from both sides. Customers being more impatient with services and those who give service often being downright mean to their customers.

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As if businesses weren’t struggling enough these days, a recent study out of the U.K. has revealed the emergence of the “hypersensitive customer,” a consumer that has less cash, more information and less tolerance for poor customer service than ever before. The study, conducted by UK accounting and business consulting firm BDO Stoy Hayward, found that in the last 18 months, customers have become less loyal, as they realize how privileged retailers are to have their business. In fact, 48% of consumers admitted increasing their expectations over the past two years.

Customers are plugged in, with easy access to consumer reviews, detailed technical information and competitive product information. They have tighter budgets, so they’ve become more discerning in both the products they buy and the service they expect. 74% of respondents in the study said they wouldn’t purchase products and would leave the store if they encountered what they deemed to be poor service.

Are you and your business ready for the arrival of the hypersensitive customer? If not, now is the time to examine your customer service practices and get them in line with the needs of today’s consumer.

There’s a new customer service book on stores shelves and online resellers that can help you manage this new breed of consumer.

When you order “Who’s Your Gladys?” today, you get a special package of 40+ electronic bonus gifts in customer service, sales, marketing and professional development. [One of my CD’s that give you “10 Ways to Be Happy” is one of the free gifts.]

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I also enjoyed watching this playful Whose Your Gladys book trailer and I think you will too:

For a wonderful blog post with lots of research about customer service, read Small Hands Big Ideas by Grace Boyle. She’s an avid researcher and business developer at one of Boulder’s stellar start-up companies, Lijit. And she is my wonderful daughter!

What customer service tips do you have? Share your experiences as a customer or service provider in ‘comments.’

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