San Fruttuoso
San Fruttuoso
San Fruttuoso
San FruttuosoPHOTOS of the turquoise waters of San Fruttuoso, a short ferry ride from Portofino on the Italian Riviera and some of us on the ferry.

It’s a must to include travel by ferry when you’re in Liguria because the view is extraordinary–almost other wordly. You experience a perspective of the region in a more expansive way than taking the train. The striated rock formations are unique and extraordinary. What is really surprising are the conglomeration of homes perched on the edge of nowhere (much further south of the five Cinque Terre villages and San Fruttuoso. The inhabitants must have to hike in as there were no roads to some of those tiny hamlets.

San Fruttuoso is a cove of turquoise water that’s quiet and idyllic. My friend, Jan, first told me to go there as she spent an afternoon swimming there last year. The monastary here is now vacant but was inhabited by monks.

The shore is rocky so wear water shoes or flip flops. My feet are tough but it still hurt being barefoot. The hike connecting San Fruttuoso to Portofino is high and steep but you are rewarded with a birds eye view of a heavenly scene of sky and water.

Wish you were here in Italy with me! Remember to follow your dreams as they are messages from your heart.

More on the Italy Retreat in days to come. I’m in Verona, Italy studying Italian and enjoying another region of Italy-the Veneto. Any suggestions for me to discover here?!

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