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Earth Day is always my birthday, April 22, so I celebrated in 2 ways. First, I had a wonderful day sitting outside Revelations Bookstore Cafe in the morning with my friends enjoying the sunshine (we worship the sun here in Iowa because we don’t see much more than gray for 6 months). Then continued inside for the rest of the day with lunch and carrot cake until 4pm. My one request to honor my birthday was for everyone to do something special for Earth Day (and beyond).

The second way I celebrated my birthday was to give thanks for the Italy Retreat that is filling up. Re-visiting Italy was my birthday wish last year and to Santa when I sat on his lap this Christmas. So, I’m inspired for today’s post to touch on some Travel Tips for Italy.

1.) Enjoy the slower pace of life in Europe. Do not be in a rush. Having the ability to be flexible and go with the flow of the day is very helpful in enjoying the rhythm of Italy. Italy has its own way with time, and it’s usually not your way.

2.) Hotels are different than those in the US. They are usually much smaller, and often there are no elevators. I found the beds very hard even in the nicest hotels I’ve stayed in. A small price to pay for spending your day in paradise!

3.) Don’t expect the food to be like the Italian food in America. They don’t serve butter with your bread or olive oil to dip the bread in. Embrace the unique experience and the delicious food.

4.) Pack lightly. There may be someone to help with your luggage, but don’t expect it. You will be traveling from the airport to the train stations, so at the bare minimum, you’ll need to carry your suitcases up and down the steps of the train. Italy is a mountainous country full of hills and steps. Rick Steve’s hints to light packing for women and his website in general is filled with helpful ideas.

5.) Invest in an Italian Phrase Book, so you can speak at least a few words when you’re in Italy. I’m enjoying the Berlitz Italian Phrase Book & Dictionary.

6.) Robin over at My Melange Blog has lots of great tips. Her first one that I think is so true and hilarious is: “Don’t bring your spiffy-white New Balance sneaks, your addidas track suit, your fanny pack, your cargo shorts or your Hawiian shirt. Save those for a retirement home in Florida. Europeans dress smartly. Do bring comfy yet stylish walking shoes, dark wash denim, black pants, scarves and a belted trench. Bring solid-colored items that can be layered. And though neon pink and lime green spandex may indeed be comfortable, for the love of God, if you know what’s good for you- you’ll leave those home. Or better yet, at the Salvation Army.” You must read the rest of the tips: MyMelangeBlog

Travel tips:

Similarly, when you return home, don’t wish you were in Italy. Be present in Italy and savor it and do the same when you return to your homes.

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