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“Worry is a state of mind based on fear.” ~Napoleon Hill

3 Steps to Take to Be Worry Free

1. Just do the highest action possible.

I’ve inherited the worry gene from one of my Italian grandmothers. But just because we’re born with a tendency doesn’t mean we have to keep it. I’ve spent my adult life changing that genetic code by changing my thoughts/beliefs. The shift in beliefs in turn change my DNA or happiness set point. I try to follow the advise from my friend, Jonas who says. “If anything bad is going to happen, it’s going to happen without me aiding and abetting it with my attention.”

2. Stay in the moment

Don’t try to control every little thing and everything a person says or does. Try planning less. Create more flexibility in our lives when we allow more spontaneity to find a place.

3. Co-operate with the inevitable

Accept more. As Dale Carnegie said, “If you know a circumstance is beyond your power to change or revise, say to yourself: ‘It is so; it cannot be otherwise.’ Put a ‘stop-less’ order on your worries. Decide just how much anxiety a thing may be worth–and refuse to give it anymore.”

It takes small shifts to get there. Do you have steps you use that help you to be worry free? If so, feel free to share them with us! You can find all the ways you can contact me, by clicking HERE.

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