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This Italy Retreat will help us to focus on what we want, because as we learn to focus on our desires, we will draw that into your life. If we want or desire while at the same time feel fear, worry or doubt, we create destructive interference between the desire and the conflicting feelings. Those feelings stem from a limiting belief.

There have been many women who’ve expressed interest in attending this Italy Retreat, and then many ‘practical’ barriers march before their eyes, like soldiers, that stop then in their tracks. I realize that some barriers are just facts of life, but all too often, they can be overcome. A change in our mental state of Being and attitude are the foundation of all that we attract into our life.

When we have thoughts of what we don’t want, and we stay focused on that, we will bring more of what we DON’T want into our space. First step is to focus on what we want. Second step is to become conscious of the limiting beliefs operating in our lives, that actually put up the roadblock. When we’re in the moment of desire, we are usually happy ( unless we are so attached to the desire we can’t move on with our lives). On the other hand, when we focus on the BUTS, we usually FEEL bad. The ‘buts’ are usually limiting beliefs. If we continue thinking the same old patterned thoughts and beliefs, we keep creating the same situations. It’s sometimes difficult to just replace an old belief with a new one because we believe the old ones, and have a vested interest in them. Therefore, if we want a different result, then change the thought that got us here in the first place. Oftentimes it requires courage. Check out the 66 ways to build courage in my The Happiness Zone Blog.

Not used to spontaneous decisions? Be spontaneous anyway. Rarely plan and follow through? Make a plan and stick to it. Afraid of getting outside your comfort zone? Worried you may fail? Now’s the time. Courage does not mean “without fear.” It means do it anyway, in spite of the fear.

It Italy we will focus on knowing what we want, and on finding possibilities that can manifest in even small ways, like a newborn baby bird leaving her nest, and flapping her wings until she soars like an eagle seeing for miles.

As we focus on what we want, we feel happier, getting in tune with that still quiet voice, as we become more confident.

What do you want? What stops you from going for it in life?

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