walking shoes

When I talk to the women who are joining me for my Italy Retreats, my first advice to them is “buy comfortable walking shoes!”


It is true that the best way to enjoy your stay in Italy is to keep your feet happy!  This is most important.  Buy them at least a month before you leave on your trip, and walk in them often.

Here are three highly recommended brands for good walking shoes: Merrells, Ecco or Keen.

When I walked 12 miles one day in Rome, I was wearing my Merrell sandals with an ankle  strap and my legs and feet felt great, maybe a little sweaty, but hey that’s to be expected. They come in all colors and styles!

Another brand of sandals was recommended by my well-traveled friend, Virginia. Ecco sandals:
“Even after buying at full retail of $125, I felt after wearing them for one day in Italy that they were a bargain. We wore them everywhere and hardly took them off. They are so comfortable. And I wore them all summer too. They still look practically new and I know I’ll be able to wear them for years.”

Keen shoes get high marks from many people for comfort and durability, but the only way my feet feel good in them is to wear socks with sandals, and that just does not look good!  On the other hand, I know travelers who swear by these.  Order from Zappos.com for free shipping and free returns.

Do you have any suggestions based on your experiences walking long distances? Please share your comments.

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