This September I’m combining my passion for Italy with my passion for helping women expand their possibilities to create a life they love. Even though I’ll be teaching in northern Italy, my roots are in southern Italy as shown in this video ad. My husband, two kids and I visited over 40 cousins in Calabria, Italy twice within the same year. That was two years ago, and I wanted to return.

I got tired of hearing myself whine about going back to Italy acting as though it was impossible. “Well, why not?” I asked myself over and over. “We still are paying college tuition, so travel has to be put on the back burner.” “Do you believe that?” I’d answer, “Yes”, until I thought of teaching there. But then the doubts set in. “I’ve never taught there before and not sure anyone would want to join me.” “Want to find out?” “Yes, I wanted to” and and I did. I focused on following a faint desire that grew into a possibility. Since I am an asker of questions in my life’s work as an Option Method teacher, I’m used to carrying on a dialogue with myself. I suggest you try it too! Or call me, and I’ll help you question and clarify your thoughts.

Michelle at Bleeding Expresso, an American living and blogging in Calabria, posted this beautiful ad featuring Gattuso Gennaro, a soccer player Calabria. He asks…”simu o no Calabrisi? Are we Calabrians or not?!”

The last line of the video is “Calabria has everything,” and then the closing line “we put our hearts into it.”

Maybe I’ll teach my next workshop in the foot of the boot of Italy, Calabria! It’s old Italy, full of mountainous raw beauty surrounded by the blue Ionian/Mediterranean Sea.

Whatever your dreams are, can you just keep them in your vision? Simultaneously, examine the thoughts or conclusions you have that block you from fulfilling them? Maybe one of your dreams is to visit Italy? I can help with that! I can help you with all of your dreams. LIKE THE AD SAYS, LET’S PUT OUR HEART INTO OUR DREAMS. Read more on my Italy Retreat Blog.

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