the sweet life

This is an invitation to live the sweet life, la dolce vita. Please join me in ITALY, where possibilities abound, for a transformational retreat for women, surrounded by all the flavors of Italy.

Learn to be happy like Italians who find pleasure in everything around them: music, food, fragrances, scenery, and art. The air, water, food and people are exceptional. It is a country full of stunning beauty and pleasures to be savored.

The Italian Riviera coastline is dotted with charming fishing villages, rocky cliffs, and sandy beaches. The mountain valleys are covered with flowers and herbs that scent the air and provide the tastes that are a part of life in Italy.
This September I’m combining my passion for Italy with my passion for helping women expand their possibilities to create a life they love.

During this Italian Retreat, discover how to:

  • Manifest greater possibilities in your life
  • Awaken happiness while gently dissolving limiting beliefs
  • Dive into the passions of Italy while tapping into your own passions
  • Navigate more easily through life’s transitions and changes (job loss, empty nest, divorce, moving….)

What to Expect on this Retreat:

After a delicious breakfast of local fruit, cheeses and homemade breads, we’ll meet to begin learning the Option Method Dialogue – questions that you will take with you to continue experiencing the happiness gained during this retreat. You will broaden your belief of what is possible and begin to expand and live “La Dolce Vita”, the sweet life.

We’ll continue with ‘sweet life’ exercises after lunch that will help enhance clarity, creativity and happiness. Some afternoons will be filled with visits to the beautiful Cinque Terra (five towns), as well as to other picturesque seaside villages that cling to cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean. Our time outside in the lush splendor of Italy will inspire us to find our inner beauty.

Italy’s gift to the world is to teach us to enjoy beauty and pleasure in every aspect of life—food, family, fashion, art, language, nature and love.

As women, we are notorious for giving and supporting others, whether we have careers in or out of the home. Now, let’s do something for ourselves. Give ourselves the gift of happiness—a chance to travel to Italy with a group of like-minded women for the purpose of finding and living pleasure, joy and love every moment of our lives.

If you are interested, please email or call me (641) 472-0414 ASAP.

Space is limited and booking deadlines are approaching. Click here for more information. Prices and exact dates will be posted soon.

This is an annual women’s retreat, so keep checking each year in the middle of winter for details.

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