Please join me in Italy where possibilities abound, to AWAKEN YOUR DREAMS and learn to live la dolce vita (the sweet life). In September we will spend 7 days in Italy with a group of like-minded women, to transform our lives in a workshop that I will lead where we will be adventurers on the inside and outside.

I’m combining my two passions–my desire to help people to be happier and my love of Italy. After a delicious breakfast, we’ll meet to create a life lived beyond belief–beyond the limiting beliefs that may be blocking our dreams. We’ll experience how to expand our possibilities for living with more emotional freedom and empowerment. The workshop includes daily focus in learning The Option Method dialogue–questions that you’ll take home with you to ensure continued ability to “live the sweet life!” Some afternoons will be filled with visits to beautiful sites. Our time outside in the lush splendor of Italy will inspire us to find our own inner beauty.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks! I hope you can join me….

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