eid_alle_DW_Kultur__737171gToday, January 20, I am sitting with many of my dearest friends with whom I’ve shared countless events over the last 30 years while living in Iowa.
This is one of the most inspiring events I’ve experienced in my life. Even the news reporters were looking for adjectives to describe the experiences.Today is the day that the world can come together as one to celebrate, in spite of our political persuasions before we face our many challenges to recover from financial crisis.

For reviews of the inaugural day’s events see CNN and Huffington Post Blog.

Tears filled our eyes as we looked at the peaceful crowd of millions waving their flags. We are a great country filled with pioneers who are resilient and creative. It’s time again to tap into that potential as a people and turn around the economy and America’s status in the eyes of the world.

In President Obama’s address he asked that we choose”hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord” to overcome the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

President Obama is helping to dissolve the old worn out beliefs of the past.
40 years ago he would not have even been allowed to drink from the same water fountain as a white person, let alone run for office. Many have died to bring us to this moment electing an African American. The Limiting Belief that is being dismantled now is that someone with black skin is not worthy to become president of our country. This shift alone is creating a transformation in our consciousness. The crack in the old code gives us all a bigger vision, a chance to create a new paradigm.

A 2nd Limiting Belief that the newly elected president is dissolving is that for a long time now the American People should not be listened to. The feeling that reflected that apparent belief was helplessness, felt in so many of us.

Paraphrasing the president, “We remained faithful to the ideals of our forebearers. We are in the midst of crisis. Our nation is at war, the economy weakened on the part of some and our collective inability to make hard choices, healthcare is costly, schools fail too many. These are indicators of crisis.”

These conditions could create limiting beliefs that decrease confidence and increase fear that could make us lower our sites. President Obama’s new belief is “Our challenges are many but know this America they will be met!” The new paradigm he proposes to all of us is paraphrased, “On this day we’ve chosen hope over fear…on this day, we choose an end to false promises that strangled our politics…The time has come to set aside childish things..Starting TODAY we will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin rebuilding America!”

…“Our patchwork culture cannot help but believe that lines of tribes will soon dissolve. America must play a role in welcoming a new era of peace.
What is required is a new era of responsibility. Nothing is so satisfying than giving our all to the task.”

Limiting beliefs are created and promoted by political leaders. Individuals choose to believe them or not, but often we are so conditioned that we don’t even know we’re buying into the conditioning.

What beliefs do you see that we are going to break wide open? Do you think we have some work to do?


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